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2023 CSEA Summer Picnic

The CSEA Summer Picnic took place on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023, at Lakefront Promenade Park in Mississauga. The event venue was positioned adjacent to Lake Ontario, offering a picturesque backdrop. Approximately 100 attendees, including structural engineers, Engineer-in-training participants, and students from across Canada, came together to partake in the festivities. Simultaneously, this gathering served as a celebration of Labour Day, unifying individuals in the spirit of the holiday.

Registration desk

On September 2, Engineers FC soccer players started to play a fun game at 10am prior to the formal event. The check-in process commenced at 11:00 am, and from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, attendees relished a social hour, mingling with one another. Following this, the event organizers grouped participants into five teams, each assigned a unique representative color for the upcoming activities and games. To set the stage for these engaging games, each group's captain initiated a friendly introductory session, fostering connections among members, cultivating a sense of unity, and promoting teamwork.

At approximately 12:20, our president, Liao Haixue, delivered the opening address, introduced our sponsors, marking the official start of the picnic. An array of delectable dishes awaited the attendees, including pizza, sushi, Liang Pi (cold rice noodles), marinated meat in baked buns, and barbecued pork.

Group Photo for Sponsors

Engineers FC players

Following the meal, the games kicked off. The initial game, known as the "Balloons Relay Race," was underway. Participants stood back-to-back, grasping balloons as they embarked on the race. Subsequently, a more demanding game was introduced, requiring the participation of five individuals from each group. In this game, participants formed a line with balloons positioned between them. The team that completed this challenge in the shortest time emerged victorious. The games were a source of great enjoyment for all involved.

Following the games, at approximately 2:20 pm, Engineers and Professionals Reading Club started to present and share their deep thoughts on alternative energies after reading “ The Future is Now” by Bob McDonald. Furthermore, others leisurely engaged in various activities, including kayaking, paddling in the lake, strolling along the trails, or enjoying a relaxing walk on the beach.

You are always welcome to join our association, soccer team and reading club by emailing to

Future events were also introduced such as Seminar on Evaluation and Preservation of Heritage Structures, Tree planting on October 14, Annual luncheon and election on December 12.

Thanks to our volunteers and members who attended this event to make it a great success, and we are very pleased to see many old friends and new friends joining us.

Sponsorships have played a very important role in this event, special thanks go to our sponsors:

1 Greenbird Canada, 600$+ foods

2,Vector Corrosion Technologies, 300$

3. Victor Lan, $200

4. Mushi Design Studio, $300

5. Jian Xin Cao, $100

6. R+D,Dan Ji, $200

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