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Mentorship Program

In 2020, CSEA established a pilot mentorship program for its members. Mentors provide occupation-specific networks and advices for recent engineering graduates and oversea professionals with limited or no Canadian work experience.

What are the criteria of taking part in this program?

You can register to be mentored through CSEA Mentoring Program if you:
•    Are legally able to work in Canada;
•    Are member of CSEA;
•    Have lived in Canada for less than five years;
•    Have the English language skills to perform effectively in the workplace in your field;
•    Have post-secondary qualifications equivalent to a College or University degree;
•    Would like to work in civil, structural or geotechnical engineering related fields;
•    Have a minimum of two years of international work experience in your profession;
•    Or a new graduate from Canadian University within two years;
•    Have limited or no Canadian work experience in your profession;
•    Are currently unemployed or underemployed (i.e. you are not working in your field of expertise)
•    Willing to volunteer for CSEA events for 16 hours per year.

How to apply as mentee?

To apply as mentee, please send a cover letter showing your interest and your goals, together with your resume to

How to become a mentor?

CSEA welcome experienced engineers to join our mentor group, please contact to express your interest.

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