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The Canadian Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) hosted its highly anticipated annual luncheon on December 9, 2023, at the Milliken Mills Community Center in Markham, Ontario. The event brought together professionals from the structural engineering community to celebrate achievements, share insights, and encourage collaboration.

President Liao kicked off the luncheon with an inspiring speech, reflecting on the CSEA's accomplishments over the past year and outlining the organization's vision for the future. He expressed gratitude to fellow committee members and volunteers for their hard work and acknowledged the support from our active members. Finally, President Liao extended warm holiday wishes to all attendees.

Subsequently, committee members Feng Gao, Hangang Li, Cancan Yang, Sheng Wang, Yin Li and Pengfei Zhao delivered concise yet impactful annual reports, highlighting key achievements and initiatives.

After the committee reporting session, everyone moved to the lunch, creating a friendly and casual vibe. It was a great chance for structural engineers to chat and connect informally while enjoying the break.

Following the luncheon, the Annual Luncheon continued with keynote speaker David Lai, Technical Director at WSP.

David Lai Talks About Changes in CHBDC Section 15:

David Lai took the stage to share his insights on the upcoming changes to Section 15 of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC). In simple terms, Lai engaged the audience in a detailed discussion about the expected revisions, offering valuable insights into the changing standards that will impact bridge design and construction.

Jamil Mardukhi Shares the CN Tower's Story:

Following David Lai's talk, the luncheon continued with another speaker, Jamil Mardukhi. As the lead structural engineer for the CN Tower, Mardukhi shared a fascinating story that unveiled the design, construction, and monitoring journey of the famous landmark.In summary, the CSEA Annual Luncheon was a big success, with structural engineering pros coming together to share and learn. As people leave with new ideas and connections, the event has a lasting impact, pushing the industry towards more innovation and shared knowledge. The CSEA is excited to keep this going, bringing structural engineers together and inspiring them in the coming years.

CSEA committee members and event volunteers have contributed their time and effort to make this  monumental task into a resounding success, which include but not limited:

1. Finance: Hangang Li

2. Food: Joe Zhou,Steve Wang, Yichen, Victor Lan

3. Drinks: Lisa & Brandon Yuan

4. Supply: Sherry Li,Lianji Li

4. Planning: Cancan Yang & Hangang Li

5. Reception: Sherry Li,Lianji Li,Pengfei Zhao & Yin Li

6 Photographer: Bin Su, Brandon Yuan

7. Streaming: Sarah Sha, Angela Zhao

8. Volunteer group: Marg Ma, Caoyang Yu, Meifeng Huang, Annie Yu, Jody Liao, Tony Lu, Ryan Lu

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