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CSEA 2022 Summer Picnic

The CSEA Summer Picnic was hosted in Lakefront Promenade Park, Mississauga on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022. The event shelter is located besides the lake with a good landscape. More than 50 structural engineers, EIT and students came to enjoy the networking opportunity and group activities. At the same time, people got together to celebrate The Labor Day.

Group photo

Many thanks to CSEA staff and Event Volunteers

Lunch began at around 11:30 am. Various food such as pizza and sushi were provided.

After a quick lunch, the attendees were divided into four groups with a representative color for activities and games. In order to prepare for the games, the captain of each group started a warm-up self-introduction, which encouraged group members to get to know each other, and developed a strong bond between members, and encouraged team-work.

Starting at 13:00, the first games “Balloons Raley Race” was in process. The attendees were back-to-back to hold the balloons and complete the race. Straight after the balloon game, a more challenging game was set. Participants needed to transfer the marbles from one plate to another using chopsticks. The group that used the shortest time to finish were the winner. Although it was a difficult task to achieve, people were excited and the games were enjoyable.

After our events was concluded at 2:30pm, engineers and their families took their time to kayak or paddle in the lake, or simply have a nice walk.

Thanks to our volunteers and members who attended this event, and we are very pleased to see many old friends and new friends joining us. See you all again in our next event.

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