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CSEA organized "Winter Sports Safety" webinar

During the pandemic, many indoor sports are restricted to ensure social distancing. In this winter, walking, jogging and trail hiking have become a way for many people to relax. In order to promote sports safety knowledge and conduct outdoor sports scientifically, the Canadian Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) and CRIT Sports Club Association jointly organized the "Winter Sports Safety" webinar on January 16, 2021.

Considering the principle of maintaining social distance and fulfilling the responsibility of pandemic prevention, the lecture took the form of online conferences. The lecture was presided over by Haixue Liao, President of the CSEA. First of all, Jian Wang, the Vice President of the CSEA, Kevin Zhang, the former President of the CRIT, and Geoff Chen, the current President of CROT, gave a brief introduction to the original intentions, organizational structure, contact information and past activities of the two associations. Hiking expert Lucy Li, marathon enthusiast Kevin Zhang, and running room coach David Dong shared the experience and safety issues for winter hiking, road running, and cross-country running, respectively. At the end of the lecture, the participants had a lively discussion on related issues.

With the strong support of many parties, the lecture attracted more than one hundred listeners and was a complete success. "Canadians live in a fairyland, the snow and the moon and the wind are divided into four seasons. You are always happy to walk on the snow, and the ice is refreshing in the winter."- In 2021, we hope that there will be peace and happiness. Let's enjoy the winter time together!

Canada Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) was founded in December, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario with the consent of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and Engineers Canada. CSEA is a Not-for-Profit organization. The intention of CSEA is to provide support and professional development, including knowledge sharing, career guidance and advancement, and promoting periodical professional events regarding structural engineering. CSEA is open to structural engineers and students from all over the world. Contact:

CRIT Sports Club Association is registered in Ontario Canada. CRIT is a non-profit organization serving endurance sports enthusiasts in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Contact us at :

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