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CSEA hosted the foundation design webinar

The Canada Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) hosted the webinar on foundation design on June 12, 2021. More than 70 people participated in this webinar.

The first guest speaker Brady Lin introduced two case studies of deep foundation. The first one is for the driven pile. This case study demonstrated that when the Standard Penetration Testing failed to provide representative soil characteristics, how the pile load testing helped identify the problem and determined a resolution in the early stage. The second one is for a bridge located in Guelph, Ontario. He introduced the challenges, mitigations, and resolutions for east and west caissons. During the break between the two presentations, Liao Haixue introduced CSEA.

The second guest speaker Robin Chi introduced the steel pile application in bridge design. This type of foundation is mostly used in integral abutment, which is the major type of new bridge. The content includes comparing the steel piles and caissons, the related parts in MTO Structural Manual, and the integral abutment bridges with steel piles.

After the webinar, Slides and video recording were sent to the participants by CSEA staff. About the Speakers:

Brady Lin, P.Eng., Foundation Engineer in Ministry of Transportation. He has over 20 years of experience in Foundation/Geotechnical Engineering incl. Structure/Embankment, Tunnelling, Hydrogeology, and Rock Engineering. He oversees foundation engineering site investigation, design, and construction for MTO capital program and operation across Ontario. In addition, he is responsible for provincial policies, standards, and specifications.

Robin Chi, P.Eng., Senior Structural Engineer in Ministry of Transportation. He has extensive experience (25+ years in total, 17 years in Canada) in Highway Structures/Bridge Design, Engineering Management and Construction Liaison. He also has management experience in MTO Structural Section, including Consultant Acquisition, project management, construction document & drawing review, and construction liaison.

About the CSEA webinar Preparation and hosting group:

The preparation and hosting group includes the guest speakers Brady Lin and Robin Chi, and CSES volunteers (alphabetical order): Wenbo Duan, Haixue Liao, Yin Li, Steven Lin, Jerry Wang, Dennis Xi, Luping Zou. Before the lecture, the group repeatedly discussed the webinar process, precautions and conducted multiple joint adjustments with the guests to achieve the best results. In addition, during the webinar, the group helped provide technical support. The efforts of this group are highly appreciated.

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