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CSEA host Ontario Building Code and Building Permit Webinar

The Canada Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) hosted the webinar on Ontario Building Code on April 18, 2021. More than 100 people participated in this webinar.

The lecture started with the introduction of CSEA by Liao Haixue. The first guest speaker Xu Dan introduced what is building code, the framework of OBC. He especially introduced OBC's occupancy classification and BCIN qualification. Finally, he explained how to read the code. The second guest speaker Hangang Li introduced the building permit application in the City of Toronto. The content includes the building permit application process in the City of Toronto, required documents for building permit application, and the review process for building permit application. Finally, he showed some case studies and answered questions.

After the webinar, Slides and video recording were sent to the participants by CSEA staff.

About the Speakers:

Dan Xu, P.Eng., Mechanical Engineer working for the City of Oshawa. He has over a decade of experience as a Building Official reviewing/inspecting UOIT Wind Tunnel, Lakeridge Hospital, World Island. He specializes in Building system, Industrial and Commercial Project Management. He is also a member of MSAC, OBOA, ASHRAE, OBC TAC, CSA B214.

Hangang Li, P.Eng., Senior Structural Engineer, working in the City of Toronto. He has 30 yrs structural experience in Design & Construction of many structures. The projects he has participated in include Gardiner Rehabilitation ($2 B), Hwy 407 Central, Don Mills Subway Station, Peace Bridge Twining, Toronto International Airport, UPX Airport Link.

About the CSEA webinar Preparation and hosting group:

The preparation and hosting group includes the guest speakers Dan Xu and Hangang Li, and CSES volunteers (alphabetical order): Wenbo Duan, Yin Li, Liao Haixue, Steven Lin, Jerry Wang, Dennis Xi, Luping Zou. Before the lecture, the group repeatedly discussed the webinar process, precautions and conducted multiple joint adjustments with the guests to achieve the best results. During the webinar, the group helped provide technical support. The efforts of this group is highly appreciated.

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