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Canada Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) Career Development Seminar


South Common CC Youth Rm, 2233 South Millway, Mississauga, ON, L5L 3H7


1:00 - 5:00pm 04/05/2024

Group photo of the event host and speakers.

On May 4, 2024, the Canadian Society of Structural Engineers hosted a career development seminar that presented attendees with a spectrum of career opportunities in the engineering sector. This seminar featured in-depth discussions and presentations on basic engineering and project management, as well as emerging opportunities and challenges within the engineering industry.

The event atmosphere was vibrant, with an enthusiastic audience participating eagerly. The richness and practicality of the content discussed greatly engaged the attendees, prompting many to ask insightful questions during the Q&A sessions, demonstrating their deep interest in the topics and a keen focus on future career development. Participants also shared their experiences and views, further enriching the discussions.

Introduction to the Speakers and Their Presentations:

First Speaker: Henry Xian, P.Eng., M.Sc., PMP 

Position: Temporary Works Engineer, Ontario Transit GroupExperience: Henry has 12 years of front-line engineering and construction experience.

Focus of Presentation: He discussed the importance of project management in engineering and emphasized the impact of continuous learning and professional certifications like P.Eng or PMP on career development. He also highlighted the importance of these certifications in standing out in the engineering field, particularly in North America.

Second Speaker: Liping Xie, P.Eng., Ph.D.

Position: Senior Structural Engineer, Ministry of Transportation

Experience: Liping has 15 years of experience in developing transportation infrastructure in both public and private sectors.

Focus of Presentation: She offered a detailed interpretation of career development opportunities and challenges and shared her work experiences at the Ministry of Transportation. Her presentation included advice on enhancing LinkedIn profiles, highlighting essential skills and experiences, and showcasing reliable and independent traits crucial for career advancement in engineering.

Third Speaker: George Wang, P.Eng.

Position: Senior Project Officer, Metrolinx

Experience: George brings nearly 30 years of experience in construction project management, consulting, and public infrastructure asset management.

Focus of Presentation: He shared insights into effectively managing large-scale infrastructure projects and discussed best practices in the industry. He also provided details about a major project that included 15.6 kilometers of track expected to be completed by 2031, illustrating the significant impact of large engineering projects on professional development.

Fourth Speaker: Sandra Cheng

Position: Senior Estimator and Project Manager

Experience: Sandra has 17 years of experience in paving estimates and project management.

Focus of Presentation: She shared her experiences in managing projects in both public and private sectors and discussed the challenges and rewards of being a project manager. Sandra emphasized the critical role of accurate budgeting in ensuring project success, explained how precise cost estimation can prevent overspending and delays, and shared techniques using modern software to enhance budget accuracy. She also provided detailed career planning advice for those interested in budgeting and project management.


This CSEA Career Development Seminar not only provided participants with practical advice and strategies for engineering career advancement but also inspired every professional present with up-to-date project information and industry trends. The successful event underscored CSEA's central role in advancing the industry and supporting member career growth. We look forward to continuing to offer valuable learning and networking platforms to support engineers in achieving sustained success and innovation in the global engineering arena.

Volunteer List:

Hangang Li, Sheng Wang, Peng Fei, Raymond Su, Zenan Yu, Steve Wang, George Wang, Even Jiang

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