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“Better you , better me ,better our community”

CSEA organized a plogging event on May 21th at Jark Darling Memory Park, Mississauga. The goal of this activity was to beautify our community and encourage more and more young people to protect our environment. There were 30 people taking part in the event including 16 Engineers and 14 school students from these engineer's families. The youngest volunteer is a 3-year-old girl.

Many thanks to the city of Mississauga, Jenna and Cathy from the city provided us the gloves and garbage bags, and also reserved a picnic area for us to host the event. From 10am to 12 am. Volunteers were grouped into two teams, one walking north from picnic area B towards Lakeshore Boulevard, the other going west to Rottary Marsh. Volunteers jumped into the bush, ambulate from the lakeside to launge bridge to collect the garbage. Many engineers and their families came to the event from GTA, including Sophia who drove all the way from Kitchener to join us. Many participants were amazed when some unknown people appreciated what we were doing. After walking around cleaning the park, engineers had lunch together and got to each other better. Many said we should do more together to help the community.

“The rose in her hand , the flavour in mine” . CSEA wish more and more people can join us to protect our environment and give our future generations a better earth .

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