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CSEA hosted the lesson learned webinar

The Canada Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) hosted the webinar on lessons learned on Sep 20, 2021. Two engineering professionals discussed the professional practice lessons and learned from case studies. This webinar is divided into two parts. Hangang Li gave the first part. He is a senior structural engineer from the City of Toronto. He talked about case studies of FIU bridge and Citicorp Center. Haixue Liao gave the second part. He is the business development manager of Vector Corrosion Technologies. It is about the Lessons learned on concrete and post-tensioning corrosion. Sadar A. Nibi moderated the webinar. He is the manager of E.V. Anderson Associates Limited.

The preparation and hosting group includes the guest speakers Hangang Li, Haixue Liao and CSEA volunteers (alphabetical order): CanCan Yang, Robin Chi, Wenbo Duan, Haixue Liao, Yin Li, Steven Lin, Hangang Li, Jerry Wang, Mei Wang, Luping Zou. Before the lecture, the group repeatedly discussed the webinar process, precautions and conducted multiple joint adjustments with the guests to achieve the best results. In addition, during the webinar, the group helped provide technical support. The efforts of this group are highly appreciated.

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