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CSEA host career development workshop 2021

The Canada Structural Engineers Association (CSEA) hosted the webinar on career development on Sep 11, 2021. Four engineering professionals discussed the career development of structural engineers. This webinar is divided into two parts. In the first part, four guests gave a speech. The second session is a free discussion. Before the guest started the presentations, Liao Haixue introduced CSEA.

The first guest speaker is Dr.Cancan Yang. She is an assistant professor at McMaster University. She talked about how students at school can use school resources to find jobs. She also shared academic research job opportunities for graduate students and doctoral students. The second guest speaker is Wendy Ding. She is a senior structural engineer at MTO. She shared her job-seeking experience and introduced how to find a relevant job in the government and civil service. The third is Lawrence Yu. He is the lead engineer at WSP Canada. He shared his years of working experience in the consulting industry and provided career planning advice to those who want to pursue a career as an engineer. The last speaker is Frank Feng. He is the CEO of Frontop Engineering. He shared his entrepreneurial story, analyzed the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, and gave many valuable suggestions to those who want to start a business. In the discussion session, there were discussions on how to make a resume, select companies and the government’s training plan for young engineers.

The preparation and hosting group includes the guest speakers CanCan Yang, Frank Feng Laurence Yu and Wendy Ding, and CSES volunteers (alphabetical order): Wenbo Duan, Haixue Liao, Yin Li, Steven Lin, Hangang Li, Jerry Wang, Mei Wang, Dennis Xi, Luping Zou. Before the lecture, the group repeatedly discussed the webinar process, precautions and conducted multiple joint adjustments with the guests to achieve the best results. In addition, during the webinar, the group helped provide technical support. The efforts of this group are highly appreciated.

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